Krafty Caps Inspiration

When my eldest son was a toddler we bought for him the softest cap with a simple initial on the front. It was well-used and well-loved and when my second son was born I couldn’t find anything similar for him.

So, as a starting point in our quest for recreating a kid-friendly cap, our Krafty Caps have been made with the softest brushed cotton that we could source. The back of the Krafty Cap has a soft hook and loop fastening to ensure a good fit as children grow.

And instead of simply an initial on the front we have designed the cap to be updated with a range of patches reflecting popular childhood interests. As children explore the world and discover new ‘favourite’ interests their Krafty Cap can reflect this.

I know that my boys have gone through cars, dinosaurs, space and now, as they are at school, they have found football! The Krafty Cap embraces the changing interests that young children have.

Range of patches

We are really pleased with the final product that we have created. It is soft and comfortable whilst still being fun.

Jo - Head of Operations



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