How to persuade kids to wear a hat... without resorting to bribery or superglue!

As parents we have been through the battle of ensuring that our children put a hat on when the sun is shining. It can be tireless but here are our tips for getting your child’s hat to stay put, without using an adhesive!

  1. Reminders and repetition - Every time your child goes outside in the sunshine remind them to put their hat on. And every time they then take it off, remind them that the hat needs to stay put. Children learn through repetition and when wearing a hat becomes a habit then the battle is won. Make sure their hat is easy to find and reachable so that there can be no excuses.
  2. Be a role model- Our children are natural mimics and when they see that their grown up is wearing a hat then it will make perfect sense for them to follow suit. There are plenty of hat styles to suit everyone, so pick one that you like and remember to wear it. You can also point out favourite characters that are wearing hats, from Postman Pat to the characters of Paw Patrol; there are plenty of opportunities to spot the hat wearers.
  3. Make it fun- Choose a hat in a colour your child loves or with a picture of their favourite character or activity featured. If your child likes the hat then they are much more likely to wear it. 
  4. Make sure it fits well- Choose a hat with an adjustable headband so that it can fit your child comfortably. Children grow so fast and a tight hat is going to cause unnecessary upset. 
  5. Let them choose- Kids love to be given responsibility and control. Allow children to choose which hat they will wear rather than whether they will wear one.

Krafty Caps are designed with all this in mind. The swappable patches allow children to choose which patch they will have on their cap.  We find that kids love to swap their patches depending on which games they are playing that day. 

Krafty Caps are also adjustable to fit children from approximately 2-7 years old. They are made from brushed cotton so are very soft to the touch too. Comfort is key to any item of clothing, but particularly clothing on heads or feet!



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