Krafty Cap patches: reusable, swappable, ungendered

Increasingly we are becoming aware of the longevity of items that we purchase. There is a backlash against ‘fast fashion’ and our Krafty Caps fit perfectly with this trend. Initially, each cap comes with your choice of 3 patches. So one cap gives you 3 looks. 

The patches are attached to the cap using a microfine hook and loop fastening. They are simple to swap over, yet held securely so there are no worries about patches coming unstuck as your child explores.

The Krafty Cap also features an easily adjustable strap at the back so that the cap can grow with your child. We recommend that the cap can fit children from 2-7 years of age, however my eldest son is almost 9 and it just about fits him.

We love that our Krafty Caps also allow children to choose a hat that is ungendered. A blue cap can have a unicorn or butterfly and a pink cap can display a rocket or football. The ability to swap patches also means that the same cap can be used as your child’s interests change. One day a dinosaur hunter and the next a space explorer; but always a Krafty Cap.



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