Giving kids choice

Kids are fickle. 

One day they love dinosaurs, the next day they are playing football or butterfly spotting. So we make sure each Krafty Cap comes with a choice of 3 patches that the wearer can swap depending on that day’s preference.

We have patches that may be considered more for boys or for girls but there is no predetermined set of patches to match each cap colour.

We have designed our range of Krafty Caps to allow children to choose their cap colour and patches regardless of their gender. Shops so often have pink unicorns for girls and blue cars for boys; but as we watched our children grow and explore the world we realised that gender does not automatically determine your interests or favourite colour. 

We are proud to have created a gender neutral product. Nothing makes me more excited than getting an order that I cannot guess whether it will be for a girl or a boy. I know then that it will be something special that the recipient wouldn’t be able to get elsewhere.



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